Let's Go! is an episode of Papa House Season 1.

How it works

  • Day 6: The residents will try to find 50 marbles all over the house. Whoever finds the most marbles in 30 minutes will be immune for this week's ejection.
  • The first to find a marble will get a bonus point, the last will get -1 point.
  • If someone won't find any marbles, they will automatically be nominated next week, but they will participate in the almunity challenge.
  • If someone finds all of the 50, they will be immune until the semi-final, but every week they will need to complete a mission to stay immune.
  • If all of the 50 marbles are found, everyone who found at least one will enjoy from a double budget this week. If someone didn't find any marbles, they will use the normal budget.
  • If not all of the marbles are found, and someone didn't find at least 1 marble they will need to complete a mission. If they won't complete the mission, they will not be eligible.

Disclaimer: Rules 3-5 do not count on losing or getting point depending on when do you find a marble

  • Day 8: All of the 10 residents are allowed to vote to eject only one person. Votes to the immune resident will not count.
  • The person with the most votes will be ejected.

The Game

Before The Game

I need to find the marbles to make sure this house stays stable.


The Game

The first one to find a marble was Madeline.

The second was Tania.

The third was Milo.

The fourth was Eggy.

The fifth was Shelly

The sixth was Elsie

The seventh was Abby.

The eighth was Ritchelle.

The ninth was Bart.

The last to find a marble was Melissa.

Final Results

1 Madeline 9 (+1=10)
2 Eggy 7
3 Tania 6
4 Milo 5
4 Shelly 5
6 Abby 3
6 Elsie 3
8 Ritchelle 2
9 Bart 1
10 Melissa 1 (-1=0)

In the end, only 42 marbles were found, and Madeline got immuned


Everyone has one 1 to evict anyone except for Madeline who won the immunity challenge. The order of the votes is the order of the marbles found.

Voter Vote
Madeline Ritchelle
Tania Melissa
Milo Melissa
Eggy Bart
Shelly Bart
Elsie Bart
Abby Elsie
Ritchelle Madeline
Bart Elsie
Melissa Milo


Target Voters
Bart (EVICTED) Eggy, Shelly, Elsie (3)
Melissa Tania, Milo (2)
Elsie Abby, Bart (2)
Ritchelle Madeline (1)
Madeline Ritchelle (1)
Milo Melissa (1)

Nominations Quotes

I can't stay with her in here.

–Madeline (Ritchelle)

He's really problematic. Yeah.

–Tania (Bart)

She's the reason I'm not getting close to the kitchen. And if I will get evicted because "I'm not doing anything" she will lowkey take all of the credit for that.

–Milo (Melissa)

I don't know, I don't feel good about this guy.

–Eggy (Bart)

Shelly (Bart)

He is really problematic. He has no manners, he's trying to look too forward, which is a good thing, but not that much! He's thinking about seducing people, and more bad things' therefore he needs to go.

–Elsie (Bart)

I need candy to focus on things, alright?! Girl, lemme eat those! She's thinking that if I will eat this toffee, I will get sick! You need to eat a lot to eat sick, and it will work the same for fruit.

–Abby (Elsie)

She's rude. That's it, she's rude! And she doesn't like winter jackets.

–Ritchelle (Madeline)

I don't like her. She thinks she's my mom, and, I'm an adult okay?! I don't need your psychological himpervacciulations!

–Bart (Elsie)

He is [Mouth farts]. Yep, he is that.

– Melissa (Milo)

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