Not to be confused with Laci.

"Be brave, Lizzy. Nothing can take that away from you."

-Lacy talking to Lizzy in The End.

Lacy is a female character created by Cure Kohaku.


Papa's Magicalria

  • Girl Pellet
  • Vase Bottle
  • Normal Water Solvent
  • Sweet Candy Powder
  • Normal Bangs Style
  • Gold Color
  • Sakura Flower Sprinkle

Holiday (Easter):

  • Girl Pellet
  • Handle Vase Bottle
  • Normal Water Solvent
  • Sweet Candy Powder
  • Normal Bangs Style
  • Garden Color
  • Lily Sprinkle 

Papa's Sushiria Deluxe



Items unlocked with her:

As Darkla


In chapters 4-10 in Cook School: The Return, Lacy is possessed by V.I.L.E. and becomes Darkla. She now has black hair, sunglasses, a black cape, and a white headband. She wears a tank top with blue flames on it, has black pants and black sneakers. Sylvina later hits her with her Ring of Love, and turns her back into Lacy.

Poke Customers

Lacy in Poke Customers.

Lacy appears in Poke Customers as part of Team Skull. She has two Pokemon: a Roserade and a Finneon.

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