Ilyanna is a female customer who debuted in Papa's Donuteria Deluxe.


Marianna and Ilyanna are sisters who were abandoned by their parents at a very young age. They were found by a woman who was the owner of an orphanage. However, she would simply use the orphaned children as experiments in hope of successfully create beings who were too powerful for the world. Seeing Ilyanna as the perfect girl who would have a mark on her left arm, knew that when Marianna's powerful soul was combined, would create the most powerful being in the universe.

Growing up in the orphanage, the orphanage owner would always physically and verbally abuse the sisters, often barking orders or tying them to a chair and whipping them with a belt. They were also given very measly food and supplies, living in an old, dusty room with rodents and spiders roamed around. There was also no education for any of them, leaving them to be illiterate. How much they wanted to escape, they couldn't.

Finally, when Marianna turned 18, the orphanage owner led Marianna to a dark testing laboratory underground, whilst Ilyanna was tied to a chair with mouth duct-taped. Marianna was to be inserted a gene that would extract her soul, but make her become immortal. The experiment was a success, leading Marianna to completely change her appearance and become a very powerful human being. Her soul was to be trapped inside a jar in case that if Marianna was the perfect test subject, the orphanage owner could replicate it. However, the soul was way too powerful, and it exploded, destroying the orphanage. But in the destruction of the orphanage, souls of all the test subjects were freed, restoring the souls of those who were tested.

With the explosion behind her, Marianna was able to miraculously rescue Ilyanna from the orphanage, and they fled. Marianna, with the gifted power, was able to fly away from the city. She flew all the way to Icy Island, Ilyanna tightly in her hands but was required to rest in the middle of Fern for many years for overusing her powers.

After about a month of Marianna not waking up, Ilyanna grew tired and frustrated that she wouldn't wake up. However, a forest spirit approached and whispered to her, if Marianna was to lose her supernatural powers, the forest spirit would light the way to peace. After much hesitation, Ilyanna agreed, and the forest spirit took Marianna's powers. A lotus path led her out of the forest and she hopped on a giant lotus that would transport her to Sugar, Misaky. However, whilst flying above a massive lake, Ilyanna felt so bad about abandoning her sister, and went overboard, allegedly committing suicide. However, with her 'important' soul, she was able to transform into a mermaid, surviving in the waters. She met many aquatic creatures, who were part of a realm in the lake. She stayed in the waters for five years, one year before Marianna would wake up.

When Marianna finally woke up, a voice was heard in Ilyanna's mind, that Marianna was alive. Desperate to find her, she exited the waters, but as soon as she touched the surface of the water, she transformed back to her normal self, but determined, she swam all the way out of the lake, but unfortunately went the opposite way as to where Marianna was living. She finally made her way on land, but she couldn't live much longer due to starvation. However, with Marianna's voice, came a powerful energy, also making Ilyanna immortal. She quickly fled to Jett and decided that she should just start over as a normal person, being successfully hired in a bank company, despite being illiterate.

Years later, she was able to catch up on her reading and writing skills and quickly became fluent in English and Ician. However, the bank was soon under a robbery led by Marianna. Despite being shocked that she saw her sister robbing her bank, she was extremely relieved to see her again. They had a moment of reunion, that was cut short due to Marianna being arrested shortly after.

Realising that Ilyanna was the sister of a notorious criminal and seemed relieved that a criminal was robbing a bank, the bank company decided to sack Ilyanna. Despite this, she saw Marianna escape from jail, and she led both of them somewhere underground and private, and shared their tales with each other. They then decided to move to Sugar, Misaky and live a great life together, whilst forgetting about their past.

Items unlocked with her

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