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Hyper Green is a drink available in Papa's Theateria. It is unlocked on Rank 61 with Lorenz. The player will earn the "Hyperactive" badge when 30 orders are served with this drink.

Hyper Green is a standard drink available in Papa's Brownie Mia!. The drink is unlocked on Rank 56 with Lorenz.

Hyper Green is a holiday exclusive drink available during Comet Con on Papa's Parkeria. The drink is unlocked on Rank 39 with Hyper Green Fan and available for Ranks 39-40 only!

Hyper Green is a Drink in Papa's Pastaria HD. it unlock in Rank 60

Hyper Green is a holiday-exclusive tea flavour available to customers during Comet Con in Papa's Sushiria Deluxe Refined. The tea flavour is unlocked on Day 6 of said holiday.

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