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Preceding Holiday Next Holiday
Valentine's Day (all except Stirfryeria, Breakfasteria, Buneria, Potageria, Cheeseria SE, Sushiria Deluxe Refined, Crêperia, Poutineria, VyKGeria)

Winter Olympics (Stirfryeria)
Mardi Gras (Breakfasteria, Cheeseria SE, Poutineria, VyKGeria)
Lunar New Year (Sushiria Deluxe Refined, Crêperia)
Groundhog Day (Buneria)
Pizza Day (Potageria)

April Fools (Salad Mia!)

Cherry Blossom Festival (Curry Mia!, Scooperia 2)
Fanofkinopio's Birthday (Scooperia Refined, Sushiria Deluxe Refined)
Easter (Stirfryeria, Freezeria 2 Go!, Crêperia Cheeseria SE, VyKGeria)
Earth Day (Papa's/Mama's Frogurteria and Breakfasteria)
Big Top Carnival (Buneria, Potageria and Poutineria)

Unlocked With
Ophelia (Curry Mia!, Scooperia Refined, Sweeteria, Crêperia)

Mindy (Stirfryeria, Freezeria 2 Go!, Buneria, Potageria, Cheeseria SE, Poutineria, VyKGeria, Scooperia 2)
Cindy (Papa's/Mama's Frogurteria and Breakfasteria)
RudyTheRockstar (Nachoria To Go!)

Holi is a holiday celebrated in many games. The following customers make their first appearance as well:

Customers that favor this holiday

Holiday-Exclusive Ingredients

Papa's Curry Mia!

Papa's Scooperia Refined

Papa's Stirfryeria

Papa's Tea Mia!

Mama's Breakfasteria

Papa's Crêperia

Mama's Frogurteria

Papa's Sushiria Deluxe Refined

Holiday Costumes

Mama's Holiday Exclusive Music

  • Powder Fight!
  • Holi Moli
  • Festival of Colors