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Preceding Holiday Next Holiday
Thanksgiving (Freezeria Deluxe (kr), Burgeria DX (kr)) New Year
Unlocked With
Noah (kr) (Freezeria Deluxe (kr))

Lizzy (kr) (Burgeria DX (kr))

Hanukkah is a holiday in several of Papa Louie's Time Management Games.

Customers who like this holiday


Papa's Freezeria Deluxe (kr) White Chocolate Mousse Noah (kr) Rank 31
Blue Mousse Elle Rank 31 Day 2
Chocolate Coins Amy Rank 32
Sufganiyot Yui Rank 32 Day 2
Rugelach Daniela Rank 33
Hexagram Sprinkles Timm Rank 33 Day 2
Papa's Burgeria Deluxe (kr) Rank 21 Lizzy (kr) Latkes
Day 2 of Rank 21 Chester Challah Roll
Rank 22 Noah (kr) Hilba
Day 2 of Rank 22 Amy Passover Lamb