Gul is a female customer who made her debut in Papa's Burgeria Deluxe.

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Hometown - Burgerbough
Occupation - Governor of Burgerbough
Loves - Fizzo
Hates - Taxes

Gul is the hardworking governor of Burgerbough and a regular customer at Papa's Burgeria. Whether it's a problem about underprivileged citizens or low taxes, Gul is always ready to solve it and make the citizens of Burgerbough always happy. After a tiring week at running the city, she goes to Papa's Burgeria for a well-deserved veggie burger and a cup of Fizzo.


Gul has fair skin and short hair dyed sky-blue. She wears blue eyeliner and sunglasses.

Her Default Outfit consists of a white open collared dress-shirt with lime highlights and dark grey striped pants with a yellow belt. She wears brown moccasins and a golden necklace and ring with a black gem.

In her second outfit: Fancy Outfit, Gul wears a red peplum-top and a sea-green long skirt with black arm-warmers. She wears a large-brimmed black hat and a black belt with a pouch. She wears a golden necklace and violet shoes with fur lining. Her sunglasses are now sea-green.

For her Holiday Outfit, she wears a red and black shirt with black pants. She wears red shoes with golden laces and a red-and-yellow skull cap with oriental designs. Her sunglasses are now red with golden frames.


  • Gul (گل) is a unisex name of Persian origin, meaning "rose".
    • It is pronounced like "full", rather than "gull".
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