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Preceding Holiday Next Holiday
Comet Con (All except Donuteria 2, Breakfasteria, Freezeria Deluxe (kr), and Goods Mia)
Fishing Month (Donuteria 2)
Space Carnival (Breakfasteria)
Starlight Jubilee {Freezeria Deluxe (kr))
Summer Luau (Goods Mia)
BavariaFest (Cheeseria DKE)
Flipline Fan Customers Wikia Anniversary (Frogurteria)
Halloween (All except Breakfasteria, Freezeria Deluxe (kr), and Frogurteria)
Oktoberfest (Breakfasteria and Frogurteria)
Pirate Bash (Freezeria Deluxe (kr))
Cheese Day (Cheeseria DKE)
Unlocked With
Pinky (Theateria)
DJ Jose (Donuteria 2/To Go!)
Conny (Saladeria, Boutiqueria, Parkeria, Breakfasteria, and Frogurteria)
Zoe (Freezeria Deluxe (kr), Cheeseria DKE)
Luke (Goods Mia)

Grōōvstock is a holiday in multiple gamerias.

Customers who favor Grōōvstock

  • Boopsy & Bill
  • Clover
  • Duke Gotcha
  • Foodini
  • Janana
  • Marty
  • Rudy
  • Scarlett
  • Taylor
  • Zoe

  • Ingredients

    Papa's Parkeria

    Papa's Theateria

    Mama's Breakfasteria

    Papa's Freezeria Deluxe (kr)

    Papa's Cheeseria DKE

    • Rock Cheese (Unlocked with Zoe at Rank 26)
    • Sliced Figs (Unlocked with Zoe at Rank 26)
    • Crimson and Clove (Unlocked at Day 2 of Grōōvstock)
    • Campagrain Bun (Unlocked with ? at Rank 27)
    • Artisanal Truffles (Unlocked at Day 4 of Grōōvstock)
    • Chai Reverb Sauce (Unlocked with ? at Rank 28)

    Holiday Costumes

    Mama's Holiday Exclusive Music

    • Jammin'
    • Let's Have a Groovy Night
    • Papa Louie Musikal