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Georgia is a female customer created by Geillade12.

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Hometown: Burgerburgh
Loves: Cloudberry
Hates: Heights
Occupation: Model

Trivia Edit

  • Her hair color is not really natural, it is dyed, she dyed it for Feminine Nature magazine, since then she has it in that color.
  • He likes things related to nature, one of those things are wild berries.
  • He shaved because he participated in the current fashion magazine for each station.
    • Magazine in which her are in the summer section.
  • She's along with: Sanny, Nikki, Hwan and Stephanie are the only female characters of Geillade12 that have been dyed hair.
  • She's along with: Kelly, Ella, Jo, Wheels and Kalahni are the only female characters of Geillade12 who have shaved.

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