Flipline Galaxy is a new Flipline game created by Cure Kohaku. The player travels to different planets, each one ruled by a different customer, and complete missions to unlock characters, fight bosses, and travel to new planets.



  • Poppy (start)
  • Bobby (start)
  • Yume (optional, unlockable by spending 75 Etoile Coins in the shop, NEW CHARACTER)


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Overall, there are a total of 30 planets. Kohaku will eventually add them all, don't worry.

Wonder Planet - The first planet you explore in the game. This planet is based on nature and plants.

  • Ruled by: Lilli
  • # of Missions: 5

Seafoam Planet - An underwater-themed planet. You can interact with the sea animals here.

  • Ruled by: Caden
  • # of Missions: 5

Playground Planet - There are lots of schools and playgrounds you can explore in this planet, and you can even experience a school day!

Jubilee Planet - A festive planet where the stars are always shining and you can watch the fireworks.

Dolce Planet - A sweets-themed planet where you can become a baker and make sweets or go inside them.

  • Ruled by: Lizzy
  • # of Missions: 6

Gamer Planet - The ultimate planet for gamers! You can create your own video game, and go inside them.

Underworld Planet - A dark, spooky planet where many monsters live. The first boss can be fought here.

  • Ruled by: Leo
  • # of Missions: 8

Katana Planet - A Japanese-themed planet where you can purchase kimonos and become an anime character.

Winter Planet - A winter-themed planet where you can ice skate, sled, and participate in the Winter Games.

  • Ruled by: Isla
  • # of Missions: 5


  • Coins - Collect these to buy things at the Shop.
  • Etoile Coins - Collect these rare items in Missions to unlock new planets, missions, and secrets.
  • Berries - Fruits you can give to Lizzy on the Dolce Planet to unlock minigames.

Strawberries - unlocks easy minigames

Raspberries - unlocks medium minigames

Blueberries - unlocks hard minigames


  • This game is based on the Super Mario Galaxy series and Super Mario Odyssey.
  • If you would like your customer to be in this game, please comment below.

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