Flipline Dance World 2019 is the 11th game made by Jyappeul. It is the Flipline Version of Just Dance.


  • 11.16.18: FDW19 Confirmed [1]


  • 1.0 (11.16.18): First release
    • 1.01 (4.1.19): Added fake songs as a prank
  • 1.1 (11.24.20): First major update. Added and replaced multiple songs and changed colors to JWC.
    • 1.11 (11.27.20): Added “Sapphires”.

Track List

  • Songs Colored unlocked by Unlocking Several Stickers.
  • Songs Colored unlocked by Unlocking all of the Stickers.
  • Songs Colored unlocked by Unlocking Several Badges.
  • Songs Colored unlocked by Unlocking all of the Badges.
  • Songs remaining uncolored are unlocked from Start.
  • Songs Colored are Time Exclusive Songs.
  • Songs Colored are Unplayable Pranks.
Song Artist Modes More Info
The Turkey Dance Sienna and The Turkeys Duet (Classic)

Solo (Phoenix Version)



Papa Louie Musical The Romano Family Quartet Duet (Classic)

Solo (Extreme)

A Walk in the Field The Romano Family Quartet Quartet
Deck of Cards Scarlett and the Shakers Solo
Would you be My Valentine? Scarlett and the Shakers Quartet (Classic)

Duet (Extreme)

Valentine's Day exclusive
Don't be Derp Wylan B Duet (Classic)

Solo (Extreme)

Campfire Song The Cookie Scouts Quartet
Gloomy Flame Gourdian of Darkness Solo (Classic)
Jingle Sprinkle The Arctic Choir Quartet Christmas exclusive
Aurora The Arctic Choir Duet (Classic)

Solo (Extreme)

Happy New Year The X-Band Quartet (Classic)

Duet (Couple Version)

New Year exclusive
Over the Rainbow The Irish Leprechauns Duet (Classic)

Solo (Solo Version)

St. Paddy's Day exclusive
How to stay alive if a zombie is running after you Uh & Ah Triplet April Fools 2019 exclusive
Scrammbelled Egs Nooby Duet April Fools 2019 exclusive
The first body I ever hid Deadly Sarina Solo April Fools 2019 exclusive
I don't like FSFW Jyappeul's Slaves Triplet April Fools 2019 prank
How to steal Dipcoins Chachacha Triplet April Fools 2019 prank
Sour Blast Wylan B Solo (Classic, Extreme)
La La Hurt Deadly Sarina Duet
Vroom Vroom Car-ly Driver Duet
Sapphires Deadly Sarina Solo (Classic, Extreme) Jyappeul’s Birthday exclusive

Easter Eggs

April Fools 2019

Added "How to stay alive if a zombie is running after you", "Scrammbelled Egs" and "The first body I ever hid" along with "I don't like FSFW" and "How to steal Dipcoins" which were unplayable.


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