Eric is a Native American boy that is created by Bryan500000.


Eric is in a constant state of panic, as he is allergic to everything and fears change. He's portrayed as the "geekiest" one of the group, and is very knowledge He is incredibly childish, most likely due to his parents not being there to help him through the various stages of adolescence. It is implied that they were very attentive to him when he was younger. He also possesses quite an array of knowledge on a great variation of subjects.

Once, Eric is crushed by his parents forgetting his birthday. Consumed with guilt, they buy him a swingset: they've been absent from Eric's life for so long, they're unaware of his real age and what is appropriate for him. They proceed to catch up with Eric in this fashion, taking him to parks, kiddie restaurants, and generally treating him like a 4-year-old, to Bryan's horror and Eric's delight. This becomes a bone of contention between the two friends, with Bryan worrying that Eric might lose himself in the charade and Eric eager to bask in his parents' attention once more, leading Eric to openly reject his friend's well-intentioned meddling. Despite Bryan's fears, Eric is shown to have had a firm grip on reality all along, and after commenting that reliving his childhood has been great, assures his friends that He'll tell his parents that it is his birthday.

Eric already knew everyone when they met Bryan in kindergarten, and at the start of grade school, it seems that Eric would have been happy keeping things as they were, not being too eager to grow up. His birthday is March 13.

Items unlocked with him


  • He is a member of The Troblemakers.
  • He is too lazy to play sporty-like games.
    • In fact, He is more aimed at working at restaurants.


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