An ejection (or expulsion) is the removal Hashtags contestant. The removal happens when a contestant had an automatic nomination or chosen by Siri. The Ejected/expelled contestant/s are banned to attend the finale.

List of Expelled ContestantsEdit

Hashtags 2019Edit

Creator Contestant Place Reason
JK55556 Charlie 31st He had an automatic nomination and not survive from ejection.
Matty Barber Q. 30th Picked by Siri to eject instead Anna that became the finalist.
Jyappeul Sheeza 19th Selected by Siri to eject.
IrritatedSalt Fleur 18th Selected by Siri to eject.
BlackWhiskers Doris 17th Selected by Siri to eject.

Hashtags InfinityEdit

Creator Contestant Place Reason
Matty John 8th To Evict


Ways of Leaving