Eggy is a young girl obsessed with kittens, even more the bunnies.

Eggy is Mabel's best friend.

In Papa's Saladeria, she's a Holiday Customer (Easter) so she unlocked at Rank 21.

In Papa's Boutiqueria, she's a Holiday Customer (Easter) so she unlocked at Rank 61.

In Papa's Falafelia, she's a Holiday Customer (Easter) so she unlocked at Rank 26.

In Papa's Parkeria, she's a Holiday Customer (Easter) so she unlocked at Rank 16.

Survivor: Madamadamadamada Edit

She is a contestant on Meandcrazy's gameshow's first season, Survivor: Madamadamadamada. She was placed on the Dream tribe.

History Edit

Episode 1 Edit

Eggy started the game on the Dream tribe. Right off the bat she accused Andy for being lazy and not doing much work around camp, even claiming him to be the weakest member of their tribe. She was the least happy about Camila taking the pride of winning the immunity challenge for Dream. This put her on the outs of her tribe.

Episode 2 Edit

At the beginning of the episode, Eggy realizes she is on the bottom and she's going if she can't find the idol. She goes to look for it but doesn't find it. She competed in the combined reward/immunity challenge in the puzzle portion and blew up a massive lead, causing Dream to lose immunity. Eggy was sent to Exile Island where she got a chance to stay at a nice hut with food and comfort or search for the idol clue. She chose the latter and found the clue. Back at camp, Andy and Drew campaigned for Eggy's elimination while she was sitting at Exile Island. However, Camila saw this as a shot to flip to vote with Eggy. Before tribal, Eggy managed to get the others to go look for food while she dug up the hidden immunity idol from under the shelter and at tribal, she played her hidden immunity idol, sending an unexpecting Azura home.

Scooperia Order Ticket

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Eggy's Voting History
Episode Eggy's Votes Votes Against Eggy
1 Dream Tribe Immune
2 Azura Andy, Drew, Casey, Azura

Ingredients unlocked with her Edit

Orders Edit

Saladeria Edit

  1. Medium Bowl
  2. Red Peppers
  3. Carrots
  4. Romaine Lettuce
  5. Iceberg Lettuce
  6. Caesar Croutons
  7. Peanuts
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