Dance Studios Festival is a holiday in Papa's Theateria and Papa's Magicalria.

The badge "Dance Party" is received if you unlocked all of the Dance Studios Festival ingredients.

Customers who favorite this holidayEdit

Ingredient Edit

Papa's Theateria Edit

  • The Dance Party (Unlocked with DJ Jose at Rank 56)
  • Caramel Mango Popcorn (Unlocked on the second day of Dance Studios Festival)
  • Apple Juice (Unlocked with Zack at Rank 57)
  • Red and White Stripes Cup (Unlocked on the fourth day of Dance Studios Festival)
  • Bearclaw Popcorn Holder (Unlocked with Evie at Rank 58)
  • Radio Cookie (Unlocked on the sixth day of Dance Studios Festival)

Papa's Magicalria Edit

  • Treble Clef Sign Bottle (Unlocked with Hop on Rank 56)
  • Hip Hop Style (Day 2 of Dance Studios Festival)
  • Bomb Color (Unlocked with Albert on Rank 57)
  • Music Box Solvent (Day 4 of Dance Studios Festival)
  • Triangle Powder (Unlocked with Boomer on Rank 58)
  • Piano Sprinkle (Day 6 of Dance Studios Festivals)

Trivia Edit

  • In Theateria, it's celebrated in February. But in Magicalria, it's celebrated in September.