Dance Studios Festival
Dance Studios
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New Year (Theateria),
Pirate Bash (Magicalria)
St. Paddy's Day (Theateria),
Halloween (Magicalria)
DJ Jose (Theateria),
Hop (Magicalria)

Dance Studios Festival is a holiday in Papa's Theateria and Papa's Magicalria.

The badge "Dance Party" is received if you unlocked all of the Dance Studios Festival ingredients.

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Papa's Theateria

  • The Dance Party (Unlocked with DJ Jose at Rank 56)
  • Caramel Mango Popcorn (Unlocked on the second day of Dance Studios Festival)
  • Apple Juice (Unlocked with Zack at Rank 57)
  • Red and White Stripes Cup (Unlocked on the fourth day of Dance Studios Festival)
  • Bearclaw Popcorn Holder (Unlocked with Evie at Rank 58)
  • Radio Cookie (Unlocked on the sixth day of Dance Studios Festival)

Papa's Magicalria

  • Treble Clef Sign Bottle (Unlocked with Hop on Rank 56)
  • Hip Hop Style (Day 2 of Dance Studios Festival)
  • Bomb Color (Unlocked with Albert on Rank 57)
  • Music Box Solvent (Day 4 of Dance Studios Festival)
  • Triangle Powder (Unlocked with Boomer on Rank 58)
  • Piano Sprinkle (Day 6 of Dance Studios Festivals)


  • In Theateria, it's celebrated in February. But in Magicalria, it's celebrated in September.
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