Cynthia is a female customer created by JK55556.


  • Hometown - Starlight City
  • Loves - Cloudy Days
  • Hates - Waffles
  • Occupation - Model

Cynthia is a model working for a well-known modeling agency in Starlight City. She enjoys her job, especially because she gets to interact with lots of different people on a daily basis. Cynthia's always loved attention, even when she was young. She was an only child, so she received a lot of attention from her parents. That's one of the reasons why she chose to go into modeling. She wanted the world to be aware of her existence. Since she appears in advertisements for many major companies in the Flipverse, she's immediately recognized almost every place she goes. Occasionally, this can be tiring for her, so she tries to disguise herself as best she can. By wearing contacts and completely switching up her outfit, she's able to act as a normal person, which is exactly what she wants. Unfortunately for her, she knows that she can't be a model forever. Once she ends her modeling career, she wants to go into politics. Her main goal is to become a representative for the Starlight City region.

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