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Conny is a very sloth guy, he loves Grōōvstock and his first appearance is in Papa's Saladeria.

In Papa's Saladeria, he's a Holiday Customer (Grōōvstock) so he unlocked at Rank 16.

In Papa's Boutiqueria, he's a Holiday Customer (Grōōvstock) so he unlocked at Rank 56.

In Papa's Parkeria, he's a Holiday Customer (Grōōvstock) so he unlocked at Rank 41.

At Papa & Mama Louie Adventures he unlocked by getting the achievement Rockin' In The Battle Field.


Style A:

Conny has black sleeveless shirt with brown historical art on the bottom. He also has black pants with turquoise stripes make squares and all brown shoes.

Style B:

Becides Style A, now Conny has olive green cap, brown and black sweatshirt on the sleeveless shirt, and also the stripes on the pants are brighter then the stripes on Style A. Last but not least Conny has shoes very similar to the first ones but with white on the front.

Style Holiday:

Now, Conny has black leoparded cap, cool vest made of leather stripes, the pants are giraffe instead of squares, he has brown belt, black and brown shoes and also: He has a ticket on the neck for getting as a VIP at the Grōōvstock party.

Items Unlocked With Him

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