Comet Con
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Preceding Holiday Next Holiday
Starlight Jubilee Oktoberfest (Pizzeria Deluxe)
Grōōvstock (Theateria, Parkeria)
Maple Mornings (Cakeria HD, Squeezeria)
September Fest (Cookieria)
Unlocked With
Astra (Pizzeria Deluxe)
Amanda (Theateria, Cakeria HD, Donuteria 2 To Go!)
Flora (Cookieria)
Kirby (Parkeria)
Shawna (Squeezeria)

Comet Con is a holiday celebrated in many different gamerias.

Customers who favor Comet Con


Papa's Pizzeria Deluxe

Papa's Boutiqueria

  • Comet Con Shirt (Rank 21)
  • Planet T-shirt (Rank 22)
  • Lightyear Shoes (Rank 23)
  • Binocular Glasses (Rank 24)
  • Colored Lens Binocular Glasses (Rank 25)

Papa's Theateria

Papa's Cakeria HD

Papa's Cookieria

Papa's Parkeria

Papa's Squeezeria

Holiday Costumes


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