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Comet Con
Comet Con Logo.png
Preceding Holiday Next Holiday
Starlight Jubilee (All except Burgeria DX (kr), Freezeria DKE and Cheeseria SE)
Starlight BBQ (Burgeria DX (kr))
Komsa's Day (Freezeria DKE)
New Year (Cheeseria SE)
Oktoberfest (Pizzeria Deluxe)
Grōōvstock (Theateria, Parkeria)
Maple Mornings (Cakeria HD, Squeezeria)
September Fest (Cookieria)
Portallini Feast (Burgeria DX (kr))
Cheese Day (Freezeria DKE)
Komsa's Day (Cheeseria SE)
Unlocked With
Astra (Pizzeria Deluxe)
Amanda (Theateria, Cakeria HD, Donuteria 2 To Go!)
Flora (Cookieria)
Kirby (Parkeria)
Shawna (Squeezeria)
Iggy (Burgeria DX (kr), Freezeria DKE and Cheeseria SE)

Comet Con is a holiday celebrated in many different gamerias.

Customers who favor Comet Con


Papa's Pizzeria Deluxe

Papa's Boutiqueria

  • Comet Con Shirt (Rank 21)
  • Planet T-shirt (Rank 22)
  • Lightyear Shoes (Rank 23)
  • Binocular Glasses (Rank 24)
  • Colored Lens Binocular Glasses (Rank 25)

Papa's Theateria

Papa's Cakeria HD

Papa's Cookieria

Papa's Parkeria

Papa's Squeezeria

Papa's Burgeria Deluxe (kr)

  • Eggplant (Rank 61, Iggy)
  • Lunar Loaf (Day 2 of Rank 61, Brody)
  • Galactic Gravy (Rank 62, Whippa)
  • Alien Steaks (Day 2 of Rank 62, Sarge Fan)

Holiday Costumes