Cameo is a male customer created by Flipline Studios. He first appeared in Papa's Pancakeria HD.

Flipdeck Info

  • Hometown: Whiskview
  • Occupation: Phone Repairman
  • Loves: Caramel Apples
  • Hates: Public Wi-Fi

Cameo spends his days at Whiskview Mall repairing phones for Bloop Mobile. He loves spending his lunch breaks at the food court with his friends who work around the mall. After work, Cameo always squeezes in a few games at Papa Louie Arcade before heading home. However, he’s also a hacker that secretly goes by the name DrydenTH3Cultivar. Cameo spends his nights honing his skills by catching and exposing cheaters in some of his favorite online games. His vigilantism has won him high praise from both game developers and players alike.

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