Burgerburgh is one of many towns in the Flipverse. The second of Papa Louie's restaurants, Papa's Burgeria, is located in the city.


  • The city's baseball team is the Burgerburgh Sizzlers. There is also a professional basketball team, the Burgerburgh Broilers.
  • Burgerburgh also is host to the "world-renowned" Burgerburgh Marathon held annually, which has been won 3 times out of the past 5 years by Lisa.
  • The local high school is Burgerburgh High. The sports teams that compete for the school are known as the Dumplings.


  • Alberto - Papa's Freezeria worker and captain of the Freezeria Swizzlers.
  • Clover - Drummer for the ska-punk band Scarlett and the Shakers and Marty's younger sister.
  • Connor - Captain of the high-school basketball team, the Burgerburgh High Dumplings.
  • Doan - Papa's Pastaria worker and graphic designer.
  • Edna - A retired seamstress and foster mother for Xolo and Xandra.
  • Fernanda - An architect and Franco’s wife.
  • Franco - An architect and Lisa's father.
  • Kayla - An actress.
  • Lisa - An aerobics instructor at the Fit Frenzy Gym.
  • Marty - Papa's Burgeria worker and lead guitarist of Scarlett and the Shakers. Clover's older brother.
  • Rita - Papa's Burgeria worker.

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