Bobby is a male customer who made his first appearance in Papa's Cheeseria 2. He is a local of Baketown. He happens to live right across the street from Anita and he is the male worker in Papa's Roasteria. It is a very big coincidence that he happens to be the worker in Papa's Saladeria also! He is also one of the playable characters in Flipline Galaxy.


Papa's Magicalria

  • Boy Pellet
  • Triangle Bottle
  • Black Sword Solvent 
  • Swirl Powder
  • Normal Bangs Style
  • Deep Blue Color 
  • Silver Watch Sprinkle

Holiday (Pirate Bash):

  • Boy Pellet
  • Triangle Bottle
  • Anchor Solvent 
  • Swirl Powder
  • Shark fin Style
  • Gradient Blue Color
  • Pirate's hook

Items unlocked with him:

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