Big Top Carnival
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Preceding Holiday Next Holiday
Neptune's Feast (Frogurteria)
Portallini Feast (Burritoria (NixoKnight))
Starlight Jubilee (Scooperia Deluxe)
Starlight BBQ (Stirfryeria)
OnionFest (Freezeria 2 Go!)
Lucky Lucky Matsuri (Wingeria V.I.P.)
Halloween (Frogurteria)
Maple Mornings (Scooperia Deluxe)
BavariaFest (Burritoria (NixoKnight))
Portallini Feast (Stirfryeria)
Starlight Jubilee (Freezeria 2 Go!)
OnionFest (Wingeria V.I.P.)
Unlocked With
Alison (Frogurteria)
Foodini (Burritoria (NixoKnight), Stirfryeria)
Charlie (Scooperia Deluxe)
Mishee (Bakeria 2)
Sprinks the Clown (Freezeria 2 Go!)
Nicole (Wingeria V.I.P.)

Big Top Carnival is a holiday that is celebrated in:

Customers who favor this holiday


Papa's Frogurteria

Papa's Scooperia Deluxe

Papa's Stirfryeria

Papa's Burritoria (NixoKnight)

  • Funnel Cake Tortilla (Unlocked with Foodini on Rank 41)
  • Corn Dog (Unlocked on Day 2 of Big Top Carnival)
  • Popcorn (Unlocked with Akari on Rank 42)
  • Carolina Reaper Sauce (Unlocked on Day 4 of Big Top Carnival)
  • Spicy Roulette Chips (Unlocked with Kenji on Rank 43)

Holiday Costumes


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