Bianca is a female customer created by Tahmina180.

About Bianca

Bianca is a relaxed, cozy, and playful 10 year old who is a fan of cold weather. She does not like summer due to being bit by bugs. She prefers indoor swimming pools because she wants to "beat the heat". Her best friend Henrietta thinks she is a caring person to be around, even though their ages are a bit separate. Of course, Bianca absolutely LOVES Christmas. Why? According to her quote, she believes that "Christmas is the only holiday when it is cold".


Bianca wears a navy blue longed sleeved shirt with an image of a fish with four bubbles at the top. She carries a black purse with a blue stripe on it. She also has aquamarine pants and flat white shoes with golden laces.


(see image below)

Her hair is more pale, she now has a black headband, she has turquoise pants now, her bag changed, her shoes have a golden back and denim laces (that match her unchanged shirt), and she has a neutral smile instead of a normal one.


  • "Henrietta and I are BFFS!"
  • "Heat? More like meat!"
  • "I love my stuffed animals..."
  • "Come on! The snow is fine!"
  • "Valentine's Day is for the love of winter."
  • "Sometimes, people think I'm a Junior Santa! Hee hee!"

Items unlocked with her:


Papa's Sushiria Deluxe



  • 4 slices
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