Ben is a male customer created by JK55556. He made his first appearance in Papa's Freezeria 3.


  • Hometown - Desertville
  • Loves - Porcupines
  • Hates - Beds
  • Occupation - Surgeon

Ben works as a surgeon in the Royal Palms Hospital in Palm Beach. Although sometimes he doesn't like the procedures he has to perform, he always does it carefully. In his free time, Ben likes going to Bitton's Buttons, where he likes to purchase new buttons to add to his hundred-pound collection.


Papa's Pancakeria 2

  • Bacon Pancake
  • 3 Butters
  • Bacon Pancake
  • 3 Butters
  • Bacon Pancake
  • Maple Syrup
    • Large Milk with Cocoa

Holiday (Halloween)

  • Bacon Pancake
  • 3 Candy Corns
  • Bacon Pancake
  • Scream Cream
  • Bacon Pancake
  • Maple Syrup
    • Large Milk with Cocoa


  • Ben is the third customer ever made by JK55556. He was first created on the Fan Papa Louie Customers Wiki before this wiki was founded. In 2016, JK was randomly exploring that wiki and stumbled across this customer he had forgotten about (along with Isabella) and created his page on this wiki .
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