Baseball Season
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Baseball Season is a holiday celebrated in Papa's Cupcakeria (All Star).

Customers who favor this holiday

Note: Customers who favor Baseball Season in multiple games are listed at the bottom of the list.

  • Ava (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Bryan (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Clark (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • David (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Fenord (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Francis (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Frit (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Gabby (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Jordan (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Joshua (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Kylee (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Liam (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Lilli (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Mandy (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Mike (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Nathaniel (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Oscar (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Popcorn Fan! (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Rick (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Ronald (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Runny (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • September (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • V.I.L.E. (Cupcakeria (All Star))
  • Zack (Cupcakeria (All Star))


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