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BBQ Fest
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Preceding Holiday Next Holiday
Starlight Jubilee (Cakeria)
Starlight Buffalo (Hamburgeria)
Blooming Flowers Festival (Cakeria)
Flipline Fan Customers Wikia Anniversary (Hamburgeria)
Unlocked With
BBQ Fan!

BBQ Fest is a holiday celebrated in Papa's Cakeria and Papa's Hamburgeria. When a player reaches this holiday in any of the games below, BBQ Fan makes his first appearance as well.

Customers who favor this holiday

Customers who favor BBQ Fest in multiple games are listed at the bottom of the list.


Papa's Cakeria

Papa's Hamburgeria

  • Smoke Chicken (Unlocked with BBQ Fan on Rank 11)
  • Texas Twang Sauce (Day 2 of BBQ Fest)
  • Brown Rice Veggie Burger (Unlocked with Barber Q. on Rank 12)
  • Peppers (Unlocked with Runny on Rank 13)