NOTICE: If you would like to use this character in your game, story, etc., please let CURE KOHAKU know first. For games, she'll help make Asahi's order. Thank you!

Asahi is a male customer created by Cure Kohaku.


  • Hometown: Oniontown
  • Loves: Physics
  • Hates: Swimming

Asahi is a usually chill but sometimes serious high school student. He's very smart and loves science, especially physics. In his spare time, he likes to run through the woods, play some video games, or grab a bite to eat at Papa Louie's famous eateries.


Asahi has fair skin and mostly messy dark brown hair. He wears a white shirt with a blue atom patterned on the front, and wears a blue hoodie that he leaves unzipped over it. He wears dark blue jeans and brown sneakers.

During Halloween, he dresses up as a skeleton.



  • He's based off of Cure Kohaku's real-life boyfriend.
  • His birthday is July 25th.
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