Army Week
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Portallini Feast (Papa's Burritoria Deluxe) Halloween (Papa's Burritoria Deluxe)
Unlocked With
Daniela (Papa's Burritoria Deluxe)

Army Week is a holiday celebrated in Papa's Burritoria Deluxe when the player reaches Rank ?? in the game. Upon reaching this holiday, Daniela makes her first appearance as well.

Sneak Peek

Catch the new holiday debuting in Papa's Burritoria Deluxe: Army Week. Dedicated to all fans of armed forces. In this holiday, everyone dresses up in camouflage and some even bring rifles to celebrate. This festival brings a whole array of army-related ingredients, from candy M16s to camo tortillas, you'll have a lot of fun.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of Papa's Burritoria Deluxe.

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Army Week Exclusive Ingredients

Papa's Burritoria Deluxe

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