Ann is a female customer created by JK55556. She first appeared in Papa's Freezeria 3.

Information Edit

  • Hometown - Wing Town
  • Loves - Summer
  • Hates - Swimming
  • Occupation - Pilot

Ann works as a pilot for Go! Airlines along with Sheldon, her colleague. Ann usually is the pilot of Flight 502, which departs from Port Sky International Airport in Waterland and arrives at the Avalanche Airport in The Realm. She then pilots Flight 503 a few hours later, which returns to Waterland from The Realm. When she isn't flying, Ann loves to explore different parts of the Fanon World, and her most recent trip took her to the mountain town of Coffoota.

Orders Edit

Papa's Magicalria Edit

  • Girl Pellet
  • Flower Style Bottle
  • Cute Fish Solvent
  • Spicy Pepper Powder
  • Double PonyTail 
  • Deep Red Color
  • Gold Ring Sprinkle

Holiday (Christmas):

  • Girl Pellet
  • Christmas Tree Bottle
  • Plum Flower Solvent
  • Spicy Pepper Powder
  • Two Rings style
  • Deep Red Color
  • Red Gloves Sprinkle

Items unlocked with her: Edit

Papa Lucci 4: When Hot Dogs Attack! Edit

Ann can be rescued in Level 8: Jalapeño Festival. She has the Wall Jump skill and needs no skill to be rescued.

Trivia Edit

  • Ann is the first customer ever made by JK55556 and the first customer ever made on this wiki.
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