Andy's Villa, sometimes jokingly referred to as The Place Where Andy Inappropriately Starts Conversations is a giant series of conversations between Andy and every customer created by Fanofkinopio. It takes place at Andy's Villa, a giant mansion where all the characters reside.


  • Andy: Why are there lances all over the place? Who could have such fighting spirit?
  • Aaron: Hi?
  • Andy: Oh hey! What brings you here?
  • Aaron: I was just looking for the perfect lance to train with. I had to dump the entire rack so that it would be easy to find. But then I got distracted with something to eat and then I came back.
  • Andy: Aaron! This has been the fifth time this week you've made a mess in this place. It shouldn't be that heard to find the right lance!
  • Aaron: Sorry, I guess? But it's not even my fault I'm a messy guy.
  • Andy: Huh?
  • Aaron: Back in my hometown in Genbu, poverty was everywhere. Even though the king was rich and the princess was the most kind-hearted person, the war seriously took its toll. As the son of a Seiryuu noble, and the only Seiryuu citizen in Genbu, I was heavily discriminated. If I were to take a shower I'd have to disguise myself and head down the river. Same for using a toilet. I was given measly food supplies and over time, my house began being infiltrated with rats and cockroaches. It was horrible, I knew my past would be forgotten if I joined forces with Caitlin.
  • Andy: ...
  • Aaron: At least I got what I wanted. Living in a world where I was never discriminated. After the war, things changed for the better. And I guess, now I'm at your villa, where things couldn't be better.
  • Andy: That's...I...
  • Aaron: Is something wrong?
  • Andy: Oh no! It's n-nothing! I-I'll just clean up the mess.
  • Aaron: No wait, I'll help. Thanks for inviting me to your villa by the way. My life has become a thousand times better.


  • Abel: Selling super cute charms! Come buy your cute charms!
  • Andy: Abel? A charm store? Pretty neat! Can I buy that one up there?
  • Abel: Well, sorry, it's not for sale.
  • Andy: Why not?
  • Abel: It's...actually my own lucky charm.
  • Andy: Lucky charm? Any reason why it looks like it can be bought?
  • Abel: Yes, it is my lucky charm, and that last question has no response.
  • Andy: Really. Anyways, how did you discover that it was your lucky charm?
  • Abel: It's from my wife. She spent hours as a singer, performing all around the continent, even amidst war. She was legendary. Every time I got home from fighting practise she was always ready to sing for me. One day, she came home with a lucky charm, saying that her love for me will remain as long as this charm is with me. During one of her performances however, she was snatched and kidnapped, never for me to see again. Day and night, I practiced fighting, aching with pain. That's why, I still have this charm. And it's hanging up there because, this charm shop, is filled with love.
  • Andy: I'm so sorry and that's so weird. May I have a closer look at the charm?
  • Abel: Normally I don't allow people to look at it...
  • Andy: Okay, I understand.
  • Abel: But you're an exception for inviting me to your villa, and helping set up my stall. You can take a look at it, but don't break or steal it.
  • Andy: Thanks! And of course I wouldn't do that. "My words will always spiral around you. This contains the voices of your wife." Cool charm! I wish I had one.
  • Abel: Thanks! And if you don't have a charm, buy one here!
  • Andy: How could I have not thought of that? I'll take... that o-
  • Abel: Huh?
  • Andy: This charm, isn't it... Azura's Pendant?
  • Abel: It's only a replica, don't worry. And you can take it for free!
  • Andy: Free? But why?
  • Abel: Because ever since you invited me here you made me happy again. It's like a second home. Sure I still miss my wife, but this place is so much fun!
  • Andy: That's...


  • Andy: Hi.
  • Adam: Sorry, I'm busy.
  • Andy: Huh? What are you doing?
  • Adam: Catching up on my law studies. Ever since I came here, I haven't had time to even unpack!
  • Andy: Law student!? Smart.
  • Adam: Please stop the flattery.
  • Andy: Attitude much?
  • Adam: What did you just say!?
  • Andy: Whoa whoa, I'm not trying to start a fight here!
  • Adam: Then you should go away. I need to study.
  • Andy: Have you thought about doing something else? Something fun?
  • Adam: No time for that.
  • Andy: But you were on Survivor: Mystery Vases! And you were on that season with me! And I remember you being one of the fan favourites!
  • Adam: All that's no more.
  • Andy: Why? What happened?
  • Adam: I won't tell. You invited me here, that's already enough to bother me.
  • Andy: Bothered? So why did you come here in the first place?
  • Adam: Because...I...well... Sigh... Promise you won't tell anybody?
  • Andy: What is this?
  • Adam: Will you promise or not?
  • Andy: Okay, I promise.
  • Adam: ...My parents were murdered.
  • Andy: What?!
  • Adam: One day we all went fishing. Someone shot my parents in the head. I was somehow still alive, and I wanted to stay in the boat, but the only option was to swim to safety. This was shortly after the season ended, and I had just begun my law degree. That day the light died. I felt depressed almost every day. I was forced to live with my aunties, who were very abusive. When I got your invitation to come here, I thought it would be a nice place to come to. And I guess...I was the right place.
  • Andy: I'm glad you feel better here.
  • Adam: No, I felt better right when I told someone my story. All my life I was bullied, and didn't have anyone to talk to except my parents. At least now, I can talk to you, which makes me feel so much better.
  • Andy: ...
  • Adam: Now that I think about it, this place seems like paradise. Let's go for a swim!
  • Andy: ...
  • Adam: What's wrong?
  • Andy: Oh, nothing! Let's go swim! But honestly, I'm glad I made you feel better.


  • Aditya: Ah, the smells of fresh curry! The perfume of foods!
  • Andy: Aditya? Is this curry?
  • Aditya: Oh hi Andy! Yes, this is in fact curry! This is my secret recipe! Want to try it?
  • Andy: Sure!
  • Aditya: So how is it?
  • Andy: It'''s...
  • Aditya: It's what?
  • Andy: Incredible! I have never tasted a curry this flavourful, this rich, this wonderful scent before! I need another bowl!
  • Aditya: I'm glad you like it, but unfortunately, I have to save this pot for other people.
  • Andy: I see. It's fine. So what's in the curry?
  • Aditya: I'm sorry, I cannot reveal that to anyone.
  • Andy: You can reveal it to me! I can hardly cook. Well, I can make pancakes from scratch, but that's about it.
  • Aditya: Pancakes! You have got to make me some!
  • Andy: Wait, seriously? You want me, to make you pancakes?
  • Aditya: Yes!
  • Andy: Okay then...So how are the pancakes?
  • Aditya: It'''s...
  • Andy: It's what? Incredible?
  • Aditya: It's AMAZING! All I need is some Sriracha sauce and it would make the pancakes EVEN BETTER!
  • Andy: Um... I think you might be going a bit overboard here.
  • Aditya: But I like my spicy stuff! Last year at Fiery Fest, I won by finishing a bowl of extremely spicy soup within five minutes!
  • Andy: Impressive!
  • Aditya: Now go serve the pancakes to everyone here. I'm sure they'll like it.
  • Andy: Really? No one back at home eats my cooking.
  • Aditya: Double really? I can assure you that everyone will love your pancakes.
  • Andy: Uh... thanks. And what about your curry? Shouldn't you serve it to other people.
  • Aditya: Dang it, you remembered about the curry. Thought I threw you off. Well, I was going to eat all of it.
  • Andy: All of it!? That's insane!
  • Aditya: Remember that I can handle anything spicy. I can do it.
  • Andy: Okay, I'll...just leave.
  • Aditya: No wait! You forgot your pancakes!


  • Agony: This place, too sunny. I hate the sun.
  • Andy: Agony...?
  • Agony: Oh, Andy. You'
  • Andy: What do you mean you'
  • Agony: Your presence...makes me sick.
  • Andy: Sick? Why?
  • Agony: Because it should've been ME inviting YOU.
  • Andy: And you came here because?
  • Agony: I wanted to see how lacklustre this place is compared to mine.
  • Andy: That's not really necessary. Maybe you can take me to your place?
  • Agony: I can't do that.
  • Andy: Why?
  • Agony: Because it's a secret place.
  • Andy: What? If you wanted to invite me to your place, but it's a secret place, then why think my presence is "sick"?
  • Agony: Just go away. Maybe I'll leave tomorrow.
  • Andy: That's not what I meant at all! You can still stay here. I'm sorry if I upset you.
  • Agony:...


  • Ai: Where are the cute animals? I haven't seen one sheep since I've come here!
  • Andy: Ai...?
  • Ai: Oh, hey Andy! I was wondering, are there animals here? I am surprisingly capable of taking care of them.
  • Andy: Well, there are no animals here unfortunately. But we have a volleyball game soon! You should come play with us!
  • Ai: Well, I guess I could. But I won't.
  • Andy: Why?
  • Ai: Because my friends are animals! Sure I kill them for food but...
  • Andy: Whoa, that got dark reeeaal quick.
  • Ai: But still, they're friends! Even more, I live alone, and these animals keep me occupied.
  • Andy: Well, I could ask someone to buy a pet. What pet do you want?
  • Ai: I want a cow, a pig, a parakeet, a hamster, a guinea pig, a chicken, a horse, a pony, a unicorn, a spider-
  • Andy: I don't do spiders. If I see one, the last thing it would see is the bottom of my shoe. Actually no, it would be the thing I'm holding in my hand.
  • Ai: And the other animals?
  • Andy: Surprising how none of those you can have as pets.
  • Ai: People own hamsters and horses as pets.
  • Andy: I guess so. But the question is, why are you not interacting with other humans? Why only animals?
  • Ai: I don't have a problem with interacting with humans. I'm talking to you right now, after all.
  • Andy: But you don't want to play volleyball?
  • Ai: I suck at sports, except equestrian.
  • Andy: Well, you could teach me. How about that? Since you don't have a lot of friends, you can teach me how to ride a horse, and we can have fun together!
  • Ai: That...actually sounds like a good idea.
  • Andy: Awesome! I'll go ask someone for two horses.
  • Ai: Wait! Bring me along!
  • Andy: Sure! Now I have to tell everyone I won't be able to play volleyball...


  • Aiden: Zzzzz...
  • Andy: A-Aiden?
  • Aiden: Wha-oh, did I fall asleep again?
  • Andy: Uh, yes!
  • Aiden: But I need my sleep!
  • Andy: It's four in the afternoon! Last night was super quiet too!
  • Aiden: Not true...Last night someone was fighting in the room next door. I couldn't sleep...
  • Andy: Okay then... who was it?
  • Aiden: Sorry...I have no idea...
  • Andy: Ugh... well I have to tell you something.
  • Aiden: What is it...?
  • Andy: There's some afternoon tea downstairs. You can join the rest of us if you want.
  • Aiden: No, I'm fine here, just bring me some Monte Carlos, thanks...
  • Andy: Can't you just go downstairs and get it yourself?
  • Aiden: No, I can't. This place is relaxing. Too relaxing. I can stay here for all eternity.
  • Andy: Well, tomorrow, this couch you're in needs to be replaced. It's too dirty.
  • Aiden: It looks fine to me...zzzz...zzzz
  • Andy: Aiden?! Seriously?!


  • Aikila: Hey Andy!
  • Andy: Ack! Hey!
  • Aikila: What's wrong?
  • Andy: Those shades of blue and green are killing my eyes. It's quite dark in here too.
  • Aikila: But, I like my fashion sense. It makes me happy.
  • Andy: ...
  • Aikila: I understand how you feel. In childhood, I was bullied because of my name, because it sounds like "eye killer." Back then, I wore dull coloured clothes and all my classmates started harassing me like: "Your clothes aren't killing my eyes, idiot" or "Your so weak and stupid that I'm now blind" while everyone, including the teachers mocked and laughed at me. And the description on my Sweet and Salty Travels page is false, it is intentional. I mean, didn't mean to break the fourth wall. And anyway, I just got so tired that one day on casual clothes day, I wore super bright clothes and no one picked on me again.
  • Andy: That must've sucked. But either way, I'm still proud of you.
  • Aikila: Proud? But... you were just complaining that my clothes were blinding your eyes.
  • Andy: But then you explained how you simply stopped the bullying just by wearing different clothes. You also seemed proud of your name. That must take guts to do.
  • Aikila: Well, I never thought about it like that...
  • Andy: So, anyway, you wanted to tell me something before I complained, what is it?
  • Aikila: Oh, it was just about if you were satisfied with my clothes. But I think I know your answer. It's n-
  • Andy: Yes. I am satisfied that you fought back against your bullies and as a bonus, showed off you unique name. Super satisfied.
  • Aikila: Wow, thanks.
  • Andy: No worries! Want to walk around the villa, showing off your namesake in a way?
  • Aikila: Of course! At least I'm 100% safe here.


  • Aimee: How would they fare here...?
  • Andy: Aimee? What are you doing here?
  • Aimee: Me? I was just...thinking.
  • Andy: You don't seem confident, about something.
  • Aimee: It's just that, I wonder how Eyes for Entertainment is doing, now that their president is gone.
  • Andy: Who's the president?
  • Aimee: Have you seriously forgotten! I'm the president of Eyes for Entertainment? You created me and you don't remember?!
  • Andy: Okay, silly mistake. Do you think that Woody and the others are doing well?
  • Aimee: Of course. Woody is quit possibly one of the most influential people I've ever met. Although he doesn't realise this right now, he will in the future.
  • Andy: That's nice! So when will you return to Furu? Are there still Spectres?
  • Aimee: I have no idea. And yes, Spectres still roam within Furu.
  • Andy: So you're not protecting Furu?!
  • Aimee: It's not my job to fight. I simply help people get great singing and acting roles. I can't fight.
  • Andy: Have you seen Woody here? Maybe he can teach you.
  • Aimee: Wait, he's here? Why didn't you tell me so!?
  • Andy: First of all I just told you. And secondly, it didn't seem like you wanted to see him.
  • Aimee: But I really do! Come on! Show me him!
  • Andy: All right then. He'll probably be with everyone else.
  • Aimee: Everyone else is here too?! Show me them all right now! I can't believe I've stayed in this villa for so long, yet never seen their faces!
  • Andy: You coming or not?
  • Aimee: Right. Sorry. Coming!


  • Alex: Hyahh!
  • Andy: Oh hey Alex, squeezing some swordfighting practice?
  • Alex: Yes I am. This technique is one my father, well my adoptive father, was well known for.
  • Andy: Adopted? What happened?
  • Alex: According to my father, someone set alight my house shortly after I was born. However, someone quickly rushed into the house, saving me right before I was burned to death, then I got sent to an orphanage until I was around 14 years. I didn't even learn this until recently.
  • Andy: That's so horrible!
  • Alex: But I'm fine now! I am a great swordsman and writer and, couldn't be happier!
  • Andy: You're an author? What books have you written?
  • Alex: I wrote and illustrated Aktion Komik and Good Expectations, which are surprisingly selling well.
  • Andy: But, what's with the swordfighting? Why are you doing it? Do you think we'll be attacked at the villa?
  • Alex: It's because this villa is so far away from my father's house. Like I said before, my father was a famous swordsman. Training with a sword is like a memory to me, spending countless hours together fighting.
  • Andy: But what was with fighting back then?
  • Alex: He said it would protect me, in case a war arose. There have been famous ones, especially the two that happened here in Icy Island.
  • Andy: I know the ones. I think Hana is here too.
  • Alex: Wait seriously? She's my hero! This whole time, I thought she died in battle!
  • Andy: Well, wrong, she's still alive.
  • Alex: You have to take me to her! I have much to learn from the legendary warrior! She saved our country, until she got possessed by a dragon. That's why I thought she was dead.
  • Andy: She actually survived, but the dragon fled her body and died.
  • Alex: Anyways, where's Hana? Take me to her now!
  • Andy: Patience, Alex, she could be busy.
  • Alex: But...


  • Andy: Hey Alice!
  • Alice: Don't even bother using your "manly charms" to flirt with me. I'm taken.
  • Andy: That's not even why I'm here.
  • Alice: So what is it?
  • Andy: We're having game night tonight and I want you to pick which game we should play.
  • Alice: What games can I pick from?
  • Andy: There's Monopoly, real life snakes and ladders and Ludo. Pick one.
  • Alice: I'm sorry, I'm not interested.
  • Andy: But I thought you loved playing games!
  • Alice: Not those games. I like games on the FanofkinopiOS WAY more. Gimme some Flipline Heroes or Songeria Showdown instead.
  • Andy: Yeah, but those games are only single player. Some of us want to play multiplayer.
  • Alice: What about Sweet and Salty Travels? You could play in the Arena!
  • Andy: I would, but I still haven't even summoned Bob. It would be an embarrassment if I haven't summoned myself!
  • Alice: Seriously?! But, you're the developer of the game! Can't you just hack Crystals into the game for yourself?
  • Andy: I suppose I could, but it would be unfair to the other players. He's just so broken it's not even funny.
  • Alice: Eh. But still, I'll just head into the other gaming room and play some Songeria Showdown tonight then. Shadou is so annoying though.
  • Andy: He is the final boss after all...
  • Alice: And I have to unlock all the costumes to get that achievement. My favourite outfit is definitely Cleo's Azura outfit.
  • Andy: Okay then...
  • Alice: Is something wrong?
  • Andy: Oh, nothing. Glad you like Songeria Showdown though.
  • Alice: There's just so much to do in that game that it's weird.
  • Andy: Maybe when you're done I'll release a sequel?
  • Alice: Would definitely love that. Also, I'll just pick real life snakes and ladders for the sake of it.


  • Alina: Aim higher...and fire!
  • Andy: Hey Alina.
  • Alina: Oh, hi Andy. Just getting some archery practice done. My family's famous for this too.
  • Andy: Interesting! What did they do that made them famous?
  • Alina: We helped defend our village from war. There were hundreds of ballistae. Only our arrows hit, and oddly, it was sufficient enough to take out a ton of bandits.
  • Andy: That's so cool! And this war, what was it about?
  • Alina: The Drabulti Rush. Living in Genbu meant that our long time ally attacked us, and we were seriously unprepared. But my skilled family helped defend against a massive wave of bandits. We even taught locals how to use a bow and arrow in free classes a few years prior. Thank goodness they came in handy.
  • Andy: So talented! I wish I was talented like that.
  • Alina: But you already are! You developed a ton of my favourite games! I used to have no time to play them, but here I just binge play everything. Can I be a part of your next Gameria too?
  • Andy: Of course! That's why I even put a Favourite Holidays section on your profile on the wiki!
  • Alina: Wiki? What's that?
  • Andy: You don't know? There's this site called Flipline Studios Fanon Wiki, but I like to call it Flipline Fan Customers Wiki or FFCW for short. There people make concepts and pages of characters, games and holidays. That's how I created all you guys and the reason you're here today.
  • Alina: ...That sounds like you're even more talented than me.
  • Andy: Huh?
  • Alina: Get this. You created all of us. You kept us alive. You're essentially a god. It's like you're more talented than anyone here. And if you hadn't created us, we wouldn't have these talents.
  • Andy: ...
  • Alina: Want me to teach you some archery? I think it would suit you.
  • Andy: Uh...sure...why not?
  • Alina: Is something the matter?
  • Andy: Oh, I was just thinking about you describing me as a god... it's weird, hearing someone say that to me.
  • Alina: But I didn't mean it in a bad way! Come on! I'll teach you how to fire an arrow!


  • Andy: Need to figure out the dimensions of this giant wooden piece I want. But it's so annoying.
  • Alyssia: Andy? What are you doing?
  • Andy: Hey Alyssia. Just figuring out the dimensions for something I'd like.
  • Alyssia: Need help?
  • Andy: No, I'm good.
  • Alyssia: You really remind me of one of my students.
  • Andy: Which one, the dumb one who is disruptive?
  • Alyssia: What?! Not at all! Why would I think of you like that?
  • Andy: Because...never mind. Who's the student?
  • Alyssia: Well, he was... actually forget it. I might sound really cringy.
  • Andy: ...
  • Alyssia: Sorry for disappointing. But I wonder how they're doing now that I'm here...
  • Andy: Do they have a sub?
  • Alyssia: Of course they do. But they're well known for being really disruptive when I'm not in the room. So I had to pick a scary teacher to replace them for the next few months.
  • Andy: Totally relatable. What year level do you teach?
  • Alyssia: I teach year 3s. Gorgeous when I'm in the classroom, a bunch of destruction when I'm not there.
  • Andy: That actually reminds me of myself...
  • Alyssia: Oh no! That was not intentional!
  • Andy: It's OK.
  • Alyssia: Anyways, a solution for the perfect wooden piece? I think that shape would be best. And the dimensions would be...something?
  • Andy: Something! That was what I was looking for!
  • Alyssia: Sarcasm level 100.


  • Andy: Such gorgeous singing! Where's it coming from?
  • Amber: 🎵🎵🎵
  • Andy: It's coming from over there...
  • Amber: 🎵🎵... Oh! You... you didn't hear me, didn't you?
  • Andy: Uh...
  • Amber:'s...ughh...
  • Andy: No, stop! You're singing was amazing! I loved your sweet voice!
  • Amber: You mean "your"? Y-O-U-R?
  • Andy: How can you see the script?
  • Amber: Because it's on the fanon wiki. Duh. And are you trying to flirt with me?!
  • Andy: What! No! That's...that's not it at all! I just liked your singing! That's all!
  • Amber: You really think so?
  • Andy: Yes! It's great, but not to the point that I'll ask you out.
  • Amber: Grr...
  • Andy: What?
  • Amber: It's weird hearing that from someone other than my sisters, and my fans.
  • Andy: Huh?
  • Amber: It's just... Even though I'm the third oldest sibling in my family, it's difficult trying to lead my younger siblings. It's really stressful when they can't do something right.
  • Andy: Maybe a bit of forgiveness? Seems to work for me.
  • Amber: Forgiving?
  • Andy: Yes! You need to understand they're still learning.
  • Amber: ...
  • Amber: Is that what you've learnt on the fanon wiki? Forgiveness?
  • Andy: Definitely. Whilst I can't control if someone does something right or not, or whether or not they like or hate me, it's still all about forgiving those, provided they don't do it again.
  • Amber: That's so nice. I...uh...
  • Andy: What is it?
  • Amber: You are super nice and all, and... it's just that all you've said today is...
  • Andy: Is what?
  • Amber: I think...I may be in love with you...


  • Amethyst: It's so tiring. Being a pop star is such hard work...
  • Andy: Hey Amethyst. What are you doing?
  • Amethyst: Memorising a song.
  • Andy: What song?
  • Amethyst: Lost in Thoughts All Alone. It's really long, and I have to memorise it before tomorrow, where an online concert will be held.
  • Andy: No way! I LOVE that song AND I've memorised it!
  • Amethyst: What?! How can you memorise all those verses! The Conquest verse makes me groan of increasing comfort!
  • Andy: Funny joke... So it's just that verse?
  • Amethyst: And the Revelation and bridge lines.
  • Andy: The bridge? The one that goes "The path we walk on belongs to destiny, just let it flow?"
  • Amethyst: Yes, that one. My sisters are going to get really mad if I can't memorise these lines.
  • Andy: Sisters?
  • Amethyst: Yep, eight of us, and I'm the youngest. They're all really bossy, but really caring.
  • Andy: If only one of my siblings were nice...
  • Amethyst: Family issues?
  • Andy: No, not really. But the other day one of my siblings did something really mean. Not pretty. And I'm sure he's going to see this but I don't care.
  • Amethyst: What did he do?
  • Andy: The link explains it all.
  • Amethyst: Now where were we? Oh yes, I was memorising Lost in Thoughts All Alone. Ahem... "You are the oceans, gray waves, destined to seek life beyond the shore that's out of reach..."
  • Andy: "Just out of reach."
  • Amethyst: Ugh! This is so hard! Maybe I'll have to ad-lib or lip sync.
  • Andy: I remember doing that once for a concert! It was so hilarious.
  • Amethyst: Did it work?
  • Andy: Well, we got busted afterwards...
  • Amethyst: Oh, okay then...
  • Andy: It's almost dinner time. You should eat some food then come back and practice. While I can't sing, I can definitely help you memorise the song after dinner.
  • Amethyst: Okay then.
  • Amethyst: He is so...

Angela Tan

  • Angela: Hmm...
  • Andy: Do you need anything, Angela?
  • Angela: Oh no, nothing at all. Just a couple of bits and pieces of paperwork.
  • Andy: But you're in paradise! A place where you don't need to work.
  • Angela: I know, but defined me as who I am as a person.
  • Andy: Being an accountant...defines you as a person?
  • Angela: Yes.
  • Andy: Okay then. So what's been happening after Survivor: Mystery Vases?
  • Angela: Nothing, really. Just the same old, working, working, working.
  • Andy: No time to rest?
  • Angela: Nope. But I choose to not rest.
  • Andy: But why? I mean, you did come here after all.
  • Angela: It's because I wasn't very rich back then. My husband died, and he pretty much made all of the family income. I was unemployed at the time. So after his death, I needed to find work, or else my children would not survive. And the first job I got was an accountant. I could finally earn a living for myself and for my kids. That's why I love being an accountant, it's a reminder of my beloved husband.
  • Andy: But wouldn't that mean...Actually never mind. So what are you doing on that computer? Balance sheets?
  • Angela: I haven't spend a single dollar since I've been here. So why would I need to make a balance sheets showing my assets, owner's equity and liabilities?
  • Andy: Uh, what do those words mean?
  • Angela: Sigh...
  • Andy: Okay then...I guess I'll leave?
  • Angela: ...


  • Anna: Be healed...
  • Andy: What are you doing?
  • Anna: Just healing this poor kitty. I found an injured kitten outside the villa. I had to help.
  • Andy: Wait, so you couldn't have healed it before you brought it here?
  • Anna: No, I could not. A family superstition locked me out of doing so.
  • Andy: superstition?
  • Anna: Yes. It is believed that you must bring injured animals to a site of great importance, before you heal them. That way, they'll become better much faster. This is a place of great importance, right? I had to bring this cute little kitten here.
  • Andy: Wow. I never would've thought this place was of "great importance". Feels weird hearing that.
  • Anna: But this place really is important. I've met so many amazing friends here! But I have seen my enemies though...
  • Andy: I'm sure the events of the Flipline Heroes: Family and Friendship haven't happened yet, right?
  • Anna: No, they have not.
  • Andy: So how do you know some people here are your enemies?
  • Anna: Wiki.
  • Andy: Ughh...
  • Anna: Okay, forget what I said.
  • Andy: All right then...
  • Anna: Anyways, I'm going to adopt this kitten. It's so cute! I think I'll call it...Cookie!
  • Andy: What?
  • Anna: I said I'm keeping the kitten and calling it Cookie!
  • Andy: But what if it's someone else's cat and they're worried and looking for it?
  • Anna: I...guess that's true. Oh well. I'll just make "lost kitten found" posters then and stick them around this place.
  • Andy: Sure. Want me to help?
  • Anna: I think I'll be fine. But please take care of the kitten whilst I'm working.
  • Andy: Okay.


  • Andy: Mmm! I have never eaten tacos this good before! But then again, I've eaten tacos once in my entire life.
  • Antonio: Tacos? Who said tacos?
  • Andy: Me.
  • Antonio: Oh. It's you.
  • Andy: Hi Antonio, what's happening?
  • Antonio: I heard someone say tacos, and I rushed here. And considering that there's quite a lot of tacos on that plate...
  • Andy: Yes?
  • Antonio: I want to ask if...
  • Andy: You want to try a taco? Sure, take as many as you like. Aditya said she's making more tacos.
  • Antonio: Thanks! And...bleurgh!
  • Andy: Huh?
  • Antonio: This...this is not good.
  • Andy: Oh no! Why?
  • Antonio: There's...there's no creativity! It's just plain old tacos! It's not good! How could you like these?
  • Andy: Well, like you may have heard me say, I have eaten tacos only once in my entire life. I can't distinguish between a "good taco" and a "bad taco."
  • Antonio: You have much to learn...
  • Andy: I've never really taken an interest in Hispanic culture, unfortunately.
  • Antonio: Not just unfortunately, it's a disgrace! You should learn about other cultures too!
  • Andy:' Well maybe you should experience some of my cultural festivities then. Heard of Lunar New Year?
  • Antonio: I have. And I've been to a festival before. Try counter that.
  • Andy: Can you speak Mandarin Chinese or Vietnamese?
  • Antonio: 我可以, dạ, tôi biết.
  • Andy: I should probably leave.

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