Alexander is a male customer that first appeared in Papa's Hamburgeria. He has a crush on Aliah.

About him

Alex is the definition of no personality. He has little to no friends and even them think he is strange. What does he like? He doesn't know. His only close friend is Kyle. Despite Alex's blandness, he does an interest. Aliah. Not Aliyah, who he hates. Alex has had a crush on Aliah since he first saw her. No matter what, Alex has made it a goal to get noticed by her, but he fails miserably, and sometimes embarrasses himself.

Items unlocked with him:


Gender Male
Nickname Popsy Heartrob by MendoMan56
Relatives N/A
First Appearance Papa's Hamburgeria
Week/Days Nominated 0
Nomination Points 0
Season/s Appeared Hashtags 2019
Status Runner up
Place 2nd
Ligtask Wins 0

Alexander was an Apartment contestant in Hashtags 2019.

Nomination History

Week Votes/Percent Reason Final Position
1 No Nominations
2 and 3 Not in Competition
4 Immune
5 Exempted
6 Big Jump Finalist
11 Big Night Runner up
Preceded by
Title Established
Hashtags 2019
Succeeded by
Hashtags FE +
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