A Faceless Realm is an RPG game by Fanofkinopio, published by Fanofkinopio Inc. Whilst considered an RPG, it plays differently than the Flipline Heroes series and Songeria Showdown.


The player begins by creating a "Custom Worker", which will play as the protagonist. Their name and facial features can be customised. The story opens with a cinematic, where at a bustling market, a pair of eyes attach themselves to an apple. The apple enlarges, and causes chaos, destroying buildings and flattening people. More eyes spawn from seemingly nowhere in the sky, attaching themselves to various food items and growing stronger.

The protagonist arrives at the town, merely a wandering traveller. They are greeted with some flowers. They wonder what is happening as the sky turns dark and the antagonist, Lavender appears. She picks up the foods with faces on them and flies away. The protagonist pursues her, and catches up at a plain. Angered that someone is attempting to stop her, Lavender unleashes a faced apple at the protagonist. Right before the apple hits the protagonist, the flowers (handed out earlier) bloom, and they are transported seemingly inside the protagonist's head.

Appearing in front of them is Khloris, a goddess who explains that there is a way to returns the foods back to normal - by defeating them in combat. Afraid that the protagonist's death will result in her own death, Khloris blesses them with the power to fight. The protagonist chooses one out of six classes, and returns back to the normal world, where a battle is initiated against the apple, and victory is achieved for the protagonist. Happy, Khloris asks the protagonist for a request - to defeat as many cursed foods and Lavender or else the world will be destroyed.

The region's name is revealed to be Honeydew Plains, and whilst venturing, the protagonist is trapped between several Green Apples. A girl off-screen misdirects the apples, and the protagonist is saved. The girl reveals her name to be Peony, a villager from the same market that was attacked. She asks the protagonist if she could help, and they agree. Khloris is able to bless Peony with the class of the player's choosing.

The pair finally find Lavender, and they both attempt to fight her, but she is too strong, and easily defeats the two. Khloris appears again, and realises that more allies are required if they want to defeat Lavender. She creates one human-like vessel that can fight, which can be customised by the player.

The party finally reach a second town, a small farming village, who also had chaos struck upon them. The mayor approaches them, and asks the party to find their special GM crops. The party finds them, defeats them (as bosses) and returns. As a thank-you gift, the mayor grants them a bus ticket to the next region, but right before, the tickets fly into the sky and the mayor's eyes and mouth are stolen. Following the face, it is led into the sewers of the village, and the face disappears out of sight quickly. After defeating the cursed crop possessing the mayor's face, he officially hands them the ticket, and the party ventures into the next town.

Whilst they travel, the voice of Lavender appears, cursing the team of all their abilities to fight. Enraged, Khloris blesses the team once more, but their class cannot be the same as their previous class. She also grants another vessel, which brings the party's team to four people. Arriving in Jam Jungle, the party briefly see Lavender, wreaking havoc within the jungle. The party ventures, befriending an explorer, Barry. He joins the party temporarily. As they near the end of the jungle, Lavender appears. She whines why they won't stop her master plan, and casts Barry's face onto a coconut monster. When the monster is defeated, Barry thanks the party, and directs them to the following region, and leaves the party.

As they enter the next region, Grape Desert, Lavender appears and kidnaps the two vessels, and removes the party's powers. Frustrated, Khloris once again blesses them with another class, one that has not been chosen. She calls two other vessels to replace the other kidnapped vessels. In the Grape Desert, the party stumble upon a palace, where the king, Zana, invites them in. He wants them to defeat the "troublemakers" so that his town can be free. However, his face is whisked away. They track down the face, and defeat the food it is attached to. With his face back, Zana invites them for a royal dinner. However, right when the dinner is about to start, all the guests' (not Zana's) eyes and mouths are stolen, and exit the palace. The party venture into a chamber, and defeat all the foods and retrieve the faces. Zana thanks them for their gratitude and directs them to the next region, Fey Forest.

Arriving in Fey Forest, Lavender successfully kidnaps the two vessels, but fails to remove the protagonist's and Peony's powers. Khloris apologises that she cannot create anymore vessels, and that they needed to find them. The pair successfully track their teammates, and the party is reunited. With the power of all of Khloris' vessels, she finds a path to Lavender's castle. The party finally tracks her down, and with nowhere to go, Lavender starts a fight. She is finally defeated, and the party celebrates. However, Lavender revives, much to Peony's relief and the party's surprise. Peony betrays the team and reveals that Lavender is her sister, and that they have been working together, and that she was merely a spy. Peony tried to kill the protagonist on multiple occasions, but failed. Lavender and Peony fuse together, revealing their true form: The Fallen Fairy Angel. They throw the entire party out of the castle, and part 2 begins.

The party is suddenly rescued by a dragon. She flies to another location on the map: Powdered Mountain. She suggests that they ask someone to track down Lavender and Peony, and drops them off at Powdered Mountain. Khloris is able to faintly use her power to track them down, but fails. Left with no choice, the party ventures into the mountain, stumbling against a Eskimo-like village. They ask if they have seen Lavender and Peony, but they don't understand. They continue moving forward, and spot a modern-looking building. The building is a shop, and they sell a tracking device that can seek anything in the world. However, the party must obtain four very rare jewels to purchase it.

Khloris instructs the party to a nearby region, Neon City, as she is the one who found and hid the very rare jewels the shop was asking for. They retrieve all the jewels, and purchase the tracking device. They track down the duo, and find them in an extremely tall tower, that leads into space. The party enter, and fight stronger rematches of the major bosses in the game.

Reaching the top of the tower, the party find a portal, leading them into space. They find Lavender and Peony, and they team up to fight. Both are finally defeated, and Peony gives one last goodbye to the protagonist. With the pair defeated, Khloris is finally freed, appearing in human form in front of the party. She thanks the team for saving the country, and she finally is able to rest in her true home: Fey Forest.

After this, the game is officially completed and the player can do postgame-related stuff such as explore two new regions, fight new bosses and recruit more "vessel" characters.


Unlike Flipline Heroes (FH) or Songeria Showdown (SS), the actual levels follow a predetermined path, occasionally with split paths along the way. At fixed moments on a path, a battle will initiate, an event will happen or a treasure chest can be found.

The combat system is different than FH and SS, but quite similar to SS. Players choose classes for their teammates, each with different statlines, skills and equipment. When it is an ally's turn, the player can select from dealing a standard attack or using a skill (that costs EP). As the player progresses, items can be brought to battles that can be consumed to do things like restore HP or EP, but consumes a turn.

Players can also select Skills for their characters, based off the Skills from the Papa Louie series. Each Skill creates different mechanics throughout battle.

A major mechanic similar to the Support system from the FH series is that allies can bond with one another. Their relationship gauge can be raised to unlock new abilities during battle by working as a team. Non same-sex marriage can occur, allowing for an extremely powerful skill to be unlocked, if the relationship gauge is reached high enough.

Enemies, when defeated, drop meals. These foods can be fed to party members, which boost their stats, up to a maximum of 99 additional stat boosts.

A Faceless Realm
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