Śeïnik Ǩuliǧep
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Śeïnik Ǩuliǧep (Pronounced: /ɕe̞'inɪk kʼʉlid͡ʒep/) is a holiday celebrated in Sunnyland and gamerias.

Mama's Breakfasteria (Rank 116 with Kacie)

Customers who like this holiday

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Mama's Breakfasteria

Mama's Holiday Exclusive Music

  • Banana Split
  • 1 Scoop, 2 Scoops, 3 Scoops
  • Candyland Part 2#: The Golden Waffle Cone


  • Śeïnik Ǩuliǧep means "Too much ice cream" or "Ice Cream Addict/addiction" in Soonic (Śeïnik = Too much/Addict; Ǩuliǧep = Ice cream) as July is National Ice Cream Month and National Ice Cream Day occurs on July.
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