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• 3/9/2019

Flipline Fanon Universe Poll

Please vote with your honest thoughts after reading this blog. This poll isn't a quiz, and there are no right answers.

I put the options here since they are too long to go into the poll.

Question: Choose the option that best describes the impact of the blog post on you.

*Option 1: I learned more about the Flipline fanon universe outside of this wiki

*Option 2: I realized that more than one wiki on the same topic is pointless

*Option 3: I understood that if all the wikis worked together as one, we could all be successful

*Option 4: I was not impacted by this blog post.

1 1 7
• 3/7/2019

Wiki Acronym Poll

This poll will officially be announced in the next Wiki Update (March 9), but if you see this before then, feel free to vote.

The winning acronym will be the official wiki acronym to replace FFCW in new forum threads, messages, or blogs. I know some users have already decided to continue using FFCW instead of FSF/FSFW for their new forum threads, messages, and blogs. If you're one of those users, please vote below anyways for the acronym you like better,

0 1 4
• 2/23/2019

Wiki Update Images

  • Option 1
  • Option 2
0 2 3
• 2/21/2019

Wiki Name Change Poll #2

ONLY Fanofkinopio, Laundry Machine, and Jyappeul should vote in this poll. Thanks!

Note: I just clicked the first option so I can see the votes.

Also, be honest! I won't judge you. I just want to see how a possible name change will impact you.

If the wiki name is changed, what will your reaction be?
  • Oh well, that's fine.
  • I'm disappointed, but I will survive
  • I am upset, but I like this wiki, so I will continue to edit
  • I am extremely angry and I will leave this wiki immediately.
0 2 5
• 2/20/2019

Wiki Name Change

Hi everyone!

This may seem like a ridiculous idea now, but the more you think about it, the more it makes sense:

Why are we called Flipline Fan Customers Wiki? Sure, we have over a thousand customers, but we also have amazing games, ingredients, specials, tournaments, stories, and more. Having the name of Flipline Fan Customers Wiki is misleading to users, and the name doesn’t even make very much sense.

My idea is to change the name of this wiki to “Flipline Studios Fanon” wiki and change the URL to fliplinestudiosfanon.wikia.com. (there is already an inactive fanon wiki at that address, but I can deal with that later, so don’t worry) This will make FFCW like all the other fanon wikis for other topics. The fanon wiki for Star Wars is called “Star Wars Fanon Wiki,” not “Star Wars Fan Characters Wiki.” When abbreviating this wiki, we can continue to use “FFCW” and not “FSF,” so we don’t get confused with Flipline Studios Fandom

Please vote in the poll below. Also, please give a short explanation on this thread that describes why you chose what you did.

And if you have better ideas for the name of the wiki, please feel free to post it on this thread so everyone can see it. All suggested names will be taken into account.



2 26 16
• 2/3/2019

People can now submit customers for the Hyperus Glitchament!

What are you waiting for? Submissions are now open for the Hyperus Glitchament!

Submit by replying to this thread!


1 8
• 12/10/2018

Submissions open for Survivor: Relai!

If you want to see your customer in Survivor: Relai, tell me and I'll add it!

1 9
This post is locked.
• 11/18/2018

Vote Rie

Title says all

1 8
• 11/10/2018


Anyone who gets to the divisions of KCP will instantly get a spot in the games of Hyperus18.

0 0
• 6/1/2018
0 0
• 4/23/2018


Tournament starting in 7 days and counting!!
Are you excited for the tournament?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Kind of. I'm worried about my customers losing in the first round.
0 0 12
• 2/24/2018

A New Meme

This meme I made can be for the original or fan made Flipline customers! The thing is, I would rather use this meme, after the Scooperia game gas been released! The PC version! Here is what the meme looks like!
Post image
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• 8/31/2017

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Happy 2nd Anniversary everyone! Thank you to all who have made this wiki an amazing place!!
1 1
• 6/13/2017

New Header

The new header is here!!
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• 5/29/2017

My Absence

I am currently in the process of giving tasks to all our administrators, since I will not be active from June 8 - July 10.
Some of you may have very long messages, I'm sorry about that! :)
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• 4/19/2017


2100 edits! :D
1 1
• 4/4/2017

Pancakeria HD

So, Flipline announced Pancakeria HD today! I'm looking forward to it!
0 5
• 2/17/2017


Hey everyone,
All users (especially staff), please check out the revised "Rules" page for FFCW. Type in Rules into the search bar. This is important because:
A: You know when and why to block people.
B: So you know the rules yourself

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• 2/6/2017


2000 edits! I completely lost track of my edits and I hit 2000! Yes!!!
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• 2/1/2017

Taco Mia To Go!

Have you heard about Papa's Taco Mia! To Go?!?!
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